Best intentions…

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Wow. Someone started following my blog.

“What blog?” you ask?

Exactly. I have not added a single blog entry since my first entry. That was more than a year ago.

My initial reaction? Shame. Embarrassment.

I sat and pondered the many possible responses I could send through to my new, (in my mind, rather unimpressed) follower:

  • UNFOLLOW ME! I am unworthy to be counted among those in the Great Blogosphere, and I should be permanently struck off, cast out into the void of those with good intentions, but no staying-power! Yep, still a drama queen!
  • Oh, that blog?! Nah, it wasn’t ever anything serious…
  • Ha ha ha! Oh look, silly me, I totally forgot about that!
  • Well if God didn’t prompt me to keep writing, it mustn’t have been my “calling”…hmmm.

And then, once the other voices died down, a very different one spoke, quietly but with such confidence. It was my dear friend, Wisdom…

  • Hello dear, wonderful person who has just followed my blog. I am not going to make excuses for my lack of follow-through; no, I haven’t written anything since my first entry – life got busy, and it was unintentionally “shelved.”  By following my blog, you have reminded me of this part of my creativity; reading through that first post, I realised that though my life is different in so many ways to then, I am still the same person. I am still an over-sharer, and I still talk far too much! But, I also still see the amazing possibilities in life, even if it sometimes takes a while, and often through the gentle words or actions of a friend. So I want to thank you, my dear new blog-subscriber, for reminding me that it’s actually never too late to pick up where I left off.

I am somewhat encouraged tonight.

And I would like to, once again, extend an invitation to come, and sit, and chat a while.

With coffee, of course ♥